Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath ~ Great Craft For Tweens!


Dollar Tree orange plaid wreath

Not only is this Dollar Tree orange plaid wreath perfect for home decor for the fall season, but it also makes a great homemade gift idea for family and friends as well. This easy to make handmade wreath costs just $3 to make with supplies from the dollar store, and can be made in just a matter of minutes!

Supplies For Dollar Tree Wreath

You will need just a few supplies, some glue dots, and a pair of scissors to make this decorative fall wreath decor for your home. Since this project uses glue dots and requires no use of hot glue, this is a craft that older kids or tweens can do as well.

Yield: 1 Wreath

Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath ~ Great Craft For Tweens!

Dollar Store Orange Plaid Wreath

This is a very easy to make Dollar Tree wreath . Older children and tweens can easily do it The finished product -- It's just simply cute

All supplies can be purchased at Dollar Tree (except glue dots), and can be made for $3 in main supplies


  • 10” foam wreath form
  • Orange burlap ribbon
  • Plaid decorative bows
  • Glue dots


  • scissors


    1. Apply glue dots to one end of the ribbon, and attach to wreath form. orange plaid Dollar Store wreath
    2. Wrap ribbon around wreath form, overlapping slightly, until you have come to the end of the wreath form where you first started wrapping ribbon. Dollar Tree orange plaid wreath
    3. Overlap the ribbon in the back, cut, apply glue dots and secure in place.
    4. Flip wreath over to the front, apply glue dots to the bow and attach to the front of the ribbon that you ended on. The bow will cover the imperfection of the last wrap with ribbon.Dollar Tree orange plaid wreath

    Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath


I think crafts like this are SUPER FUN because they are easily affordable and the entire family can join in on making it. This would make a great gift for Grandparents 🙂

Did you make this project?

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I hope this DIY craft will leave you with a fun filled afternoon. Send me some pictures if you happen to do it for yourself, I’d love to see your Dollar Tree wreath!

When I had a little one at home, Dollar Tree and Dollar Store activities were the easiest for my family to do. If we messed up, it was “cheap” to replace the supplies. We were always making mistakes, so it was the best fit for us.

Another easy fall family activity would be DIY Pumpkin Pie Whipped Body Cream. It smells awesome 🙂

Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath

Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath ~ Great Craft For Tweens!Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath ~ Great Craft For Tweens!

15 thoughts on “Dollar Tree Orange Plaid Wreath ~ Great Craft For Tweens!

  • What a great idea especially for this time of year. I love the Dollar store thanks for sharing this great craft idea I love it!

    • You are so welcome. Thank you SO much for visiting.

  • This really cute and I love simple.

    • I do too, Shelly and this is great for Fall decorations.

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  • This is a very pretty craft that looks really easy to do. I think I might even be able to do it!

  • This is so pretty! can’t believe you made this through the Dollar Tree store, I know they have so many wonderful products that they sell, I am always looking for good deals and wonderful ideas for me and for me and grandchildren to create.

    • Dorothy,
      What I love about crafts like this is, when I mess up (and I do quite often) – I can afford to purchase more materials for the craft. Dollar Tree is GREAT 🙂

  • I like the material of this one, really fits the colour and texture styles.

    • I like this one too. I like how easy this one was especially. It really turns out cute.

  • That is really cute! And so simple!

    • I know, I’ve always thought that I’ve needed to use my glue gun on wreathes until this this one. It really has me re-thinking on a lot of crafts that could be simplified for kiddos (and me).

      • haha yeah I am not too crafty either though I do like counted cross stitch and diamond art beading


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