Do Your Children Whine?


Gracie doesn’t. I’m sure she did when she was little. I’m not even sure if ‘tween’s do whine. I do know from subbing at school that they complain, but Gracie really isn’t a complainer either.

My point of this post isn’t that Gracie is perfect, she is far from perfect. She is just not a whiner or complainer, at least to my face. She may do it behind my back, I don’t really think so, but as I said, she is not perfect. She is respectful though.

No Whining!

She knows we don’t have the extra money for the hottest new clothes. She works hard at her flea market booth and saves her own money and buys her own clothes and shoes. In fact, she has saved her money and we are going school at Maurices this week. She loves that store. I bought her school supplies and she is buying her clothing. I’m really proud of her!

She doesn’t complain when ask her to clean. I may have to leave her a note to help her remember, but the note does the job. She is like any normal ‘tween and has the messiest bedroom I’ve ever seen, but she will clean it up when reminded to. I’d like for it to be a job that she just do without my asking, but I don’t think that is going to happen for awhile. She’s a kid!

I am a truly a blessed Momma. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter. I know there are going to be times when she is going to not like me at all. I do hope that she continues with her respectful attitude toward me though.

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