Do Not Trust @VivintHome For Home Security!


My doorbell that Vivint installed (incorrectly and left copper wiring showing) blew my transformer. They said it would take 5-7 weeks to get a contractor to my home. So we opted to hire our own and take a settlement. That settlement check was supposed to be here in 15-20 days. I called today (18 days) and the check is being held and they won’t tell me why.

This has been ongoing since 6-11. Poor, pitiful service.

vivint 2

Please rethink them if you decide to get home security!

2 thoughts on “Do Not Trust @VivintHome For Home Security!

  • It’s too bad that good customer service is taking a back seat in this world. They wonder why people are afraid to trust new businesses. So sorry!

    • I know- I really need this too. Honestly. But their customer service is AWFUL.


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