Ditch the Dishes and Trash the Toaster: Get a Meaningful Wedding Gift


Wedding gifts can always be tricky; and when it’s your best friend’s wedding, choosing one can easily become a curse. Gone are the days when toasters and fine china were coveted gift choices. Get the newly weds a meaningful and memorable wedding present, something far from household items and kitchen utensils!

wedding gift

Be creative and think out of the box; there are many gift ideas out there that will make the bride and groom jump with joy! Choose fun presents that will add to their wedding celebrations or honeymoon. Here are some ideas that will make your hunt for the ultimate wedding gift an easy one:

Throw a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Orchestrating a bachelor or bachelorette party for your close friend is an amazing gift, and also a great gesture. Make the party a surprise, and plan it only a couple of days before the wedding. Invite close friends, set up a cozy ambiance and pop some champagne! Give attention to detail: include little giveaways for the bride, a decorated cake and themed décor. With little amendments, the party could double as a bridal shower.

Pay for a Day Out

Gift the newly wed couple a day out with each other. Get your friend a breezy seaside lunch for two, Minnesota Vikings tickets or a trip to a golf course. You can also buy them a lavish candlelight dinner for two at an opulent restaurant. Your friend will enjoy a great date with his/her new spouse, and this is a gift better than any other! If your friend is more on the adventurous side, buy a scuba diving or para-sailing trip for the couple.

Pay for a Pricey Item on the Wedding List

Your friend must be stressing out about the little but costly intricacies of the wedding party. Pay for the designer cake or drinks, or hire an amazing live band for the after party. You may also arrange a limo ride for the newly wed couple as they drive off as man and wife. This meaningful gift will delight your friend and lift off some of the financial burden!

A Picture Collage or Video Montage

Make some manual effort and whip up a picture collage. Make it a warm and memorable piece that will stay with your friend for a lifetime. Another option is an expressive video montage that brings together all the perfect memories of the bride and her fiancée (you can do the same for the groom). Play this montage on the wedding reception as the tearjerker of the night.

Also, be sure to sneak in some well-kept baby pictures! The montage will be a great substitute for a best man/bridesmaid’s speech.

Remember, no matter what you choose, it is the gesture that counts! Make your friend’s wedding an unforgettable and eventful one; this is the ultimate timeless gift that will last forever. Your gift should be expressive, helpful, and should make your friend’s wedding (or married life) more happening.

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