Coupon Cubby Review And Giveaway


I have been a couponer since my first niece was born in 1998. I thought diapers and formula were SO high. I didn’t know how my sister and brother in law were going to afford all those things. I couldn’t believe how much it cost. Then I thought, if I can save money on diapers, I can save money on FOOD. I was hooked. I’ve been through numerous coupon filing systems. I’ve used envelopes, binders and now I’m trying out the Coupon Cubby. I was sent the Wildberry Croc Coupon Cubby to try out. I really happy to have gotten to try it too 🙂

First, let me tell you what I read about the the Card Cubby, it is the ultimate card organizer. It will hold your gift cards, coupons and business cards. It can even hold some cell phones!

Now, the Coupon Cubby (the one I tried) has helped many women organize their coupons and shopping cards in style for the first time! These are some of the snazziest coupon holders I have come across. They are also very roomy. It has 30 cards with labels with you can customize yourself. It has an adjustable/removeable strap. I like that strap because I can strap it into the baby seat of the cart. I’m always afraid someone will take off with my coupons. I work too hard cutting them, I don’t want to lose them.

This will easily fit inside a larger purse or tote if you’d like to put it inside of a larger one, or it could easily be carried into the store alone. It has a zippered pocket where you could put your money for checkout. Speaking of checkout, one of the cards are marked checkout. You can take out your coupons as you shop and put them behind checkout and when you are ready to “checkout”- all the coupons that go with the items that you have bought are right behind that card. How handy is that!

I’m in love with the Coupon Cubby. I can’t wait for the new Walgreen’s ad to come out so I can match my coupons to the sale ad and I can use my new Wildberry Coupon Cubby! The Coupon Cubby retails for $26.95. I think for the look, convenience and features of the Coupon Cubby, it is well worth the price.

How would you like to win a Wildberry Croc Coupon Cubby for yourself? The giveaway will officially start tomorrow (12-12-12) so check back then, I’ll be sure and remind you! It will end December 20th, so you HAVE to come back before then if you want to win and believe me, you do want to win!

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Good luck to everyone!

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