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I hope all of you remember I sub a lot in Kindergarten, Geena Bean, has offered to give my favorite Kindergarten teacher her new book, Come Back Dear Sun. I’m going to let Geena tell you a little about herself and all about this exciting new book. I think you will be impressed!

Geena Bean
Geena Bean

My name is Geena Bean and I am the author of the children’s book, Come Back Dear Sun. I’ve been working with children over the past decade and have noticed a tendency for them to grab the T.V. remote, video game paddles, Ipads, etc. rather than use their imagination and play. Remember when we were little and our parents couldn’t convince us to come inside because we loved our outdoor activities? We would run around screaming throughout the neighborhoods, ride our bikes, build forts, play games, make up adventurous tales of discovery, and most importantly; we used our imagination to do all of this!

Come Back Dear Sun
Come Back Dear Sun

Come Back Dear Sun is a picture book intended for children between the ages of 3 and 7 but I’ve given author presentations and assemblies to kids of all ages and they love this book! Little ones adore the rhyme and illustrations while parents, teachers and librarians value its message. If I’m reading in an intimate setting like a classroom or library, the kids tend to scooch as close to me as they can while their minds become captured by the storyline and pictures.

When the sun begins to notice children aren’t spending as much time as they used to outside, she becomes really sad. She feels neglected so she decides to leave Earth and find a new planet to shine upon. It’s up to the four small kids in my book to come up with a way to find out what happened to their glorious sun. In doing so, they need to seek help from the moon who is very tired and grumpy from working overtime in her absence. Even though the moon seems bothered at first, the children’s kindness and determination to find their sun changes his mood so he decides to help them. BUT will all of this be enough to convince the sun to return? You will have to read Come Back Dear Sun to find out!

Come Back Dear Sun is about reminding our children that anything is possible through the use of their imagination. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I loved writing it! Feel free to visit my website, Amazon or for more information and purchases.

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