Christmas In July Ideas ~ Do You Need A Few???


Christmas is one of the best holidays, and it’s loved around the world. The downside is that Christmas Day only comes once a year. But you don’t have to let that stop you. If you celebrate Christmas in July, you can have all the joy of the holiday season on your summer vacation. Here are a few ideas for Christmas in July ideas.

Christmas In July Ideas

One idea is to throw a Christmas party in July. You can make things interesting by offering holiday-themed summer foods at your party. Get a shaved ice maker and some different colored syrups for Christmasy red and green shaved ice. Create blends like Ho-ho-holiday rush, evergreen lime, or Rudolph’s red nose raspberry. Don’t forget the iced hot cocoa, eggnog or hot cocoa bombs! For savory foods, serve up some hot dogs with a side of cranberry sauce. Or have mashed potatoes and gravy alongside hamburgers.

Once you have the food taken care of, you’ll need to figure out if children will be at your party. If this is the case, you can use the shaved ice maker to created extra ice for a mini snowman building contest. You can also provide gingerbread man cookies and icing for kids to decorate with. Suggest that the kids dress the gingerbread men up in swimsuits to keep them cool in the hot July weather. To wrap things up, put a Christmas movie on a projector for everyone to watch. Your guests will love indulging in a little holiday nostalgia. Your party is sure to be a hit!

Christmas In July Ideas

Another way to celebrate the holiday season in July is to order your Christmas cards. It may seem premature, but getting your holiday cards now means you don’t have to do it in December when you’re bound to be busy and overwhelmed. It will also be easier to add photos from your vacation to your cards if you’ve just got back from your trip. Much more convenient than scrolling through six months worth of photos looking for the right picture. One company to order cards from is Basic Invite. They have the best Christmas cards, and all of their products are customizable. You can make your cards look just how you want, so you know they’ll be perfect! Also, take a look at their holiday invitations and company holiday cards. I love them all, and your friends and family will love them too!

Finally, another Christmas in July idea that could help you get into the holiday spirit over summer break by helping others. Service and giving are the real meaning of the season, so there’s really no better way to celebrate Christmas any time of the year. Ask your friends and family if they would like to do a community service project together. Visit your local park or beach and spend a couple of hours cleaning up trash. You could also volunteer at your local animal shelter or nursing home. Offer to play with the animals, or spend time talking to the elderly nursing home residents. You are sure to make their day!

If you feel uncomfortable around strangers, there are still plenty of service opportunities in your own backyard. Take time to clean up the street you walk down each day. Ask your neighbors if they need any help with chores around the house, or even just hang out with them. We are all still recovering from the pandemic, and some quality time would be much appreciated by your neighbors. However you chose to help others, you’ll feel so much happier when you’re done. Nothing is more uplifting than serving others. You’ll feel the joy of the holiday season for sure! 

I hope your Christmas in July is a memorable one. Feel the joy of the season by giving back to your community, throw a holiday party in July, and order your Christmas cards early. You’ll really feel that holiday cheer. Merry Christmas in July! I hope these Christmas in July ideas help you have a blast 🙂

Christmas In July Ideas

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Christmas In July Ideas ~ Do You Need A Few???Christmas In July Ideas ~ Do You Need A Few???Christmas In July Ideas ~ Do You Need A Few???Christmas In July Ideas ~ Do You Need A Few???

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  • Such cool ideas! Making mini snowmen sound fun. I would love to have a Christmas in July party.

    • I think a Christmas party anytime sounds fun!

  • I’ve never really been a huge Christmas in July fan but this year I’m into it. Love the ideas!

  • These are such fun ideas for a Christmas in July party, thank you so much for sharing! I love this idea so much I may have to throw one for the first time ever!

  • A Christmas party in July sounds fun.

  • These are some interesting ideas. I haven’t really thought about it though I do like the sales!


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