Christmas Eve Gift! A Skimahorn-Sparks Tradition


Gracie is so looking forward to tonight at midnight. She’s staying up until midnight so she can be the first one to say “Christmas Eve Gift” this year. I love sharing this with her since it is one of the only traditions I can remember from my own family. She can pass it on down to her kiddo’s some day.

My Mother once told me that it was passed down thru my Dad’s family. She told me that whoever said it first “back then” (in Dad’s day) would get apple or an orange. When we were little I would get a candy bar or chocolate covered cherries. I love chocolate covered cherries, so this was always a treat for me.

We always wanted to be the first one to say it so we wanted to be the first one up. Over the years, my sister and I became a little competitive. We started calling each other at during the middle of the night on Christmas Eve so we could be the first one to say “Christmas Eve Gift”.

Gracie’s caught the fever. She has all sorts of ways planned out to stay up to midnight tonight. I told her that I’m going to set my phone and I’ll just beat her up because I don’t think she can do it. Honestly, I think she can, I’m just trying to psych her out. She can outlast me any old day. I’m in bed with the chickens.

Now, let me tell, you when Don learned about “Christmas Eve Gift”, he turned the candy/food gifts into “let’s just give her one of her presents”. So, Gracie will get one of her presents tonight, if she wins, and we all know she will. Since Don changed the game plan years ago from candy to real presents, I always have one of the smaller presents ready. So, I’m prepared for “Christmas Eve Gift” and so is Gracie.

Have any of you ever heard of Christmas Eve Gift? Do any of you know where it originated? I have no idea really. Does your family have any traditions that you look forward to each year?

My life with Gracie is never, ever boring. I’ll be one dead on her feet Momma tomorrow!

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