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Allstate has a new vision.  It’s Good Hands For The Good Life and who honestly doesn’t want the “good life”.  I know I do.

Allstate Good Life

After all that Gracie and I have been thru the past couple of years, we live simply.  If we can get by each day and have little bits of happiness and contentment spread out within it, then it’s been a glorious day.  Honestly though, we don’t always have days with “bits of happiness” within it.  Life gets in the way, life happens, life is messy, life is just plain hard some days.  We strive for “bits of happiness” though.  When we triumph over the messiness of life, that’s the Good Life!

I’m in a position where I’m having to take care of a household by myself now.  I’m taking care of Gracie by myself now.  It puts a lot of pressure on me.  That’s why I need those little bits of happiness.  Those moments of contentment.  After I’ve unclogged a toilet with Gracie telling me I’m not going to be able to do it, that’s a triumph!  I’ve never had to do any kind of plumbing before and I’ve done 3 plumbing projects since Don has passed away.  The last time, Gracie was cheering me on instead of trying to hand me the plumber’s phone number.  She is such a hoot, we have to laugh at each other or else we’d just cry.  Hey, that’s a triumph though, it’s a little bit of contentment.  It’s a Oh Yeah! Moment!  I get to share that with my daughter.

Hopefully, I’m showing her that she can do these things herself. I also hope that I’m showing her that the simple life full of contentment will fill her with joy.

What are some of your “good life” stories?


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