About Me- The Letter “B” Today


Well, this is day two and I didn’t want to skip out on the second day of about me and my crazy life. Today is the letter “B”. I tried to rack my brain on what word described me that began with the letter “B”. I finally came up with the word “Bargain“.


I’m a bargain hunter. I’m a big bargain shopper. I love to find them and I love to share them. Not only how to obtain the bargains, but the bargains themselves. There has been times when my friend Kim has called the house and said “So and So’s house burned and they need toiletries. Can you spare any?” Well, of course I can! I have a whole closet full of bargains.

It makes my day to come a cross a great bargain. I love great deals and I especially love sharing them. Hopefully, you’ve benefited from some of my bargain hunting here at Sonya’s Happenings…

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