5 Essential Tips to Ensure Proper Home Safety


Protecting your home is nothing you should take lightly. When it comes to safety, you should not let your guard down or make any assumptions about the safety of your family and belongings. Even if you trust your neighbors and friends, you should take special precautions should something happen outside of their control, or yours. Applying proper protection to your home will vary, depending on your neighborhood and your comfort level. Anything from those local  Tennessee ADT Home Alarm Systems to regularly changing your locks and keys could make the difference in your safety.

5 Essential Tips to Ensure Proper Home Safety

With a few simple safety measures and precautions, you can ensure that your family and valuables are safe from harm. When adding protective measures to your home, keep these essential tips in mind to better ease your mind.


1. Silent Alarms. If you choose to take the full measures to protect your house with an alarm system, you might consider a silent alarm. These types of systems alert the alarm companies, but not the intruders. And because alarm companies are continually improving upon alarm technology and response times, the chances of escape are less likely. In fact, technology has gotten so advanced that alerts can be sent to your phone while you are away, to make you even more at ease.


2. Hiding Your Spare Key. Of course, you know not to hide your key in the obvious places: under the door mat, next to the garden gnome, or in the planter. Locations like this scream “spare key here!” and should be avoided. If you really want a secure place for your key, Tech News Daily suggests hiding your key on an outdoor pet. Granted, this does not prevent break-ins, but it does help to have the easiest access to your house hidden on a not-so-friendly greeter.


3. Conceal. Concealing your valuables is important; whether you are on vacation or home. We’d like to think that nothing will occur while we are home; but if an intruder can see it, it’s fair game. Take note of things that might be seen from outside and do your best to keep them out of plain sight. And naturally, when you leave your house, make sure your valuables are out of sight or locked away.


4. Illumination. Keeping your house lit at night is important. If you live on a dark street, or do not have a lot of outdoor lighting, you should consider installing motion sensored lights that can detect activity that comes close to your house. If you are leaving, have lights on timers to keep your house lit at night. As for the interior, it is helpful to have a light or two on, but do not have the entire house lit up so that intruders can see into your home.


5. Lived-In. The easiest way to make protect your house and make it less of a target is to make it look lived-in. Keep your lawn and bushes kept up and your lights on if you are leaving, for example, so that your home looks recently cared for. When you leave a house dark and unkempt, it gives the impression that no one is home, and that is an invitation for an intruder free-for-all.


Take every precaution when protecting your home and family. If you are not paying attention to the things in our outside of your house, intruders certainly are. Whether or not you are home all day and everyday or leaving your house for an extended period of time, make sure your things

Author Abby Evans is a mother and freelance journalist currently reviewing home safety options for her family.

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